Trainee Comments


Thank you for offering this course, it is very good to get a refresher on common cleaning practices. In a time of a pandemic it makes you feel more secure that you are doing the right things to make your guests, staff and business more secure.
        — Megan

I'm so glad I answered all questions correctly in just one shot! Thanks for this training! It's very helpful, educational and timely!
        — Jenny

It is nice to know that every employee will experience training or questions like this – things that will really help them to be aware of the importance of cleanliness and sanitizing.
        — Eduard

This was a new experience and something to know for the future and beyond.
        — Andrew

It was a good experience, and I learned some new cleaning steps.
        — Amanpreet

This training helps me better understand my role as a front desk clerk to help stem the spread of virus to coworkers or to guests. Very informative!!
        — Patrick

This is an amazing program that helps businesses prevent the spread of disease and create a clean and safe environment for their customers and employees.
        — Mykhaylo

Great learning experience. Gave me the opportunity to gauge my current level of cleaning and sanitizing to current standards. Particularly relevant to issues of cross contamination. Thanks for donating this course to small businesses like ours.
        — Richard

Every person in the food service and hospitality industries should be mandated to take this exam.
        — Ron

Very thorough, and flexible in terms of either re-reading material or attempting to correct a wrong answer.
        — Pam

Good service to offer. It will definitely increase awareness and effectiveness at our business.
        — Adam

A really smart way of learning proper cleansing and disinfection! I believe this is the best kind of training during this hard time. The things I learned are very informative and useful to keep in mind.
        — Mark

Excellent course with great aids to help businesses create/update their own cleaning policies.
        — DJ

This is an excellent program, that makes us re-think and evaluate the cleaning practices that we have automated over time. Thank you.
        — Camille

Clean It Right was a straightforward course and easy to understand. I would recommend everyone to take it. Not just F & B workers.
        — Julia

Thank you for creating this course so we can enhance our knowledge on cleaning procedures for our facilities. This will give our clients peace of mind to know we have done everything in our part to offer a safe and clean space to enjoy their holiday while staying at our bed and breakfast.
        — Monica